Registration Dates for 2017/18

Piano lessons at Place des Arts

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Registration for session classes

Registration for fall, winter and spring session classes opens on June 11, 2017. Registration may be done online starting as 12:01AM, in person at our registration desk or by phone at (604) 664-1636 starting at 9:00AM. (Please be aware that our registration staff may be extremely busy on June 11 and may be unable to answer every phone call. But if you leave a message, someone will get back to you ASAP.) You can register for all three sessions at once!

Registration for September - June classes and lessons

New Student Registration
Public registration for private lessons and group classes in music, dance and theatre arts that run from September, 2017 to June, 2018 opens for new students on June 11, 2017.

Please note: As we offer returning Sep-Jun students the opportunity to re-register in advance of new student registration, some of our Sep-Jun classes and lessons may be full as of June 11.

Registration for all Sep-Jun classes and private lessons must be done in person at Place des Arts.

For more information, please email: