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Each season, we provide the opportunity to meet and engage with compelling, renowned BC artists in our exciting Salon Speaker Series. Artists will speak / perform, followed by a 15-minute intermission and then an audience Q & A.

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Leonore Peyton Salon at Place des Arts


All engagements begin at 7:00PM

Tina Albrecht and Joann PaiFood Photographer Tina Albrecht

Friday, May 27, 2016 • 7:00PM  

Instagram has opened our eyes to a whole new world of mobile food photography, and a few Instagrammers somehow have a knack for making good food look irresistible! How do they do it? Food photographer Tina Albrecht (@bittadesign), co-founder of Acorn Magazine, will demo mobile photography, composition, lighting and styling and offer tips on how to use photo editing apps to make the most of food images. Bring your camera if you’d like to be a hands-on participant; or just come and watch Tina in action!

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