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Forest Reflections [detail], June Cocking

September 7, 2018 - October 6, 2018

Opening Reception: Friday, September 7, 7:00 - 9:00pm

Dorothy Doherty

Exploring Form in Paint and Clay
Painting and Ceramics in the Atrium Gallery

Dorothy Doherty is concerned with the impact humans have on the natural environment and that many forms of life no longer exist because of these actions. Her paintings straddle the line between abstraction and realism. Dorothy examines a variety of issues in her work including urban decay, global issues and the beauty of the world around us, whether in man-made structures or the mysteries of nature.

In her ceramics, Dorothy investigates how fire and fuel affect the surface of the ware, noting the subtle differences between soda and wood firings. Each process has its own vocabulary. For example, soda glazes have a distinctive textured, orange peel surface, and wood firings often feature deposits of ash, carried through the kiln by the fire.

Dorothy Doherty received her art education from Vancouver School of Art (currently Emily Carr University of Art & Design) and Capilano University. She holds an MA in History in Art (University of Victoria) and a PDP (Simon Fraser University). She is a lifelong resident of British Columbia and spends most of her life in and around Vancouver. Dorothy sublets a painting studio in Vancouver and works with ceramics at the Shadbolt Art Centre in Burnaby.

Jay Lyonns
The Forgotten City
Mixed Media in the Leonore Peyton Salon

A motorcycle roars to life, fleeing an advancing steam train. A cheeky crow caws announcements about an up-and-coming local band. A neon sign glows in the ever-present rain…but is it real, or just a whisper of the past brought back to life?

The Forgotten City is steeped in the colours, stories and history of the Lower Mainland. From woodcuts featuring boats and trains, to works that honour some of Vancouver’s sadly disappearing neon signs, to pieces that slyly bring our city’s forgotten corners and secrets to life, this is art with a strong sense of place.

Jay Lyonns is an East Vancouver based illustrator and designer. His professional work includes art direction and design for web, print and console video games. Freelance and contractual work includes illustration and design for books, websites and corporate clients.

SD43 Art Teachers
Coquitlam Art Teachers' Exhibition
Various Mediums in the Mezzanine Gallery

The art teachers of District 43 are creative individuals who are dedicated to pursuing their own practice in connection with, and outside of, the duties of teaching district students.

Many teachers make samples and work alongside the students to demonstrate techniques. Others keep detailed visual journals that end up being works of art in themselves as samples, sketches and collaged inspiration are added regularly as part of the process of planning and modelling artistic practices.A great number of teachers treat teaching itself as an art, which becomes more fluid and intuitive over time.

Most of the artists in this exhibition studied art exclusively as part of their early training and then became teachers, so their initial focus is art, and they still aspire to develop as artists. With precious time during vacations and summers to pursue their own interests, teachers create and develop in private studios, online classes, workshops and summer courses the many ideas they don’t have time to focus on during the school year.

The works you see in this show are a sample of the varied and creative talent amongst our district art teaching staff. The exhibition includes clay works, photographs, paintings and mixed-media works all produced within the last two years. Summers or times away on vacation, such as Spring Break, are the most fruitful times for art production; having a breathing space before and after creating makes it easier to get back into a personal creative zone.

  • An artist says . . .

    "It was thanks to Place Des Arts for accepting my work, that I found the confidence to [concentrate on my photography]! I could never thank you enough for this timely opportunity"

    - Robert Baliello

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