Current Exhibitions

Golden Pears by Hazel Graveness

September 8 – October 7, 2017 

Opening reception: Friday, September 8, 2017 at 7:00pm 

Illuminated Compulsion, Industrial Design and Metalwork by Ross Hayduk

Ross Hayduk, an industrial creator artistically and professionally, brings to Place des Arts an array of beautiful devices both visually intriguing and functionally illuminating. These lamps, both sculpture and tool, explore forms in classic, antique, futuristic and abstract styles, even occasionally verging on anthropomorphic. Ross’ imaginative vision and eye for machinery brings a touch of whimsy and fantastical enlightenment into an otherwise utilitarian device.

Info-Diction, Mixed Media by Barbara Pearson

Barb Pearson’s thought provoking series of mixed-media art forces the viewer to contemplate the effect of infobesity on our society. Casting the framework that humanity is both benefiting from advanced communication, yet drowning in a deluge of information to sort through, Barb’s work is created by opening herself up to personal expression as she contemplates the concept. Are we addicted to information, stimulation, even to stress? Should such addictions be managed/cured, or is dealing with this exponentially expanding amount of information an evolutionary step we must adjust to?

These are among the thoughts explored throughout the series, as Barb uses old books on human evolution, law school admissions test manuals, cardboard from shipping containers and notes, bills, newspapers, poster and announcements ripped from the streets as raw materials in her artworks, symbolizing the infosphere around us. As the audience contemplates the issues raised by the artwork, it is up to each individual viewer to determine whether the info-beast is their friend or foe.  

Inspiration 45, Place des Arts 45th Anniversary Exhibition

To celebrate 45 years in arts education, Place des Arts hosts a special exhibition centered around how Place des Arts influences the art practices of British Columbia residents. To highlight how Place des Arts inspires the artist in everyone, artists will be presenting artwork inspired or influenced by Place des Arts as well as a brief, related story about how Place des Arts has shaped the artwork and their evolution as an artist. Celebrate history with Place des Arts!

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  • An artist says . . .

    "It was thanks to Place Des Arts for accepting my work, that I found the confidence to [concentrate on my photography]! I could never thank you enough for this timely opportunity"

    - Robert Baliello

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