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Roxsane Tiernan, Chigiri-e

February 10 - March 11, 2017

Opening Reception: Friday, February 10, 7pm - 9pm

Diaspora and Displacement, mixed media by Lori Bagneres

Lori Bagnere’s mixed media series Diaspora and Displacements reflects a dichotomy of two worlds, a cross-section between urban and natural landscape, commingling into one. Juxtaposing images of migrating crows against eroded, rusted, decayed and tagged walls creates an aesthetic indicative of how both time and people leave their mark on a surface. The works also reflect on the crows' daily diaspora from Still Creek to various urban and suburban neighbourhoods in and around Vancouver. Crows have a collective memory of their homeland, to which they return every night at dusk. for Bagneres, the fusion of natural and cultural landscape in this series embodies that “push” or a fascination for the city - shared by humans and birds alike - and that “pull” that always draws you back home to the family tree. 

Nature on Parade, chigiri-e by Roxsane Tiernan

Roxsane Tiernan’s artwork is deep exploration in how nature often provides us with sensations of peace, joy, and astonishing beauty, a distraction from our everyday lives. The variety of environments from desert to swampland, mountain tops to depths of the sea can surprise and delight us at any moment.

The medium in Roxsane’s work, chigiri-e (Washii paper collage), is unusual outside of Japan, but is used in conjuction with her Western influences, creating landscapes very familiar to her viewers in British Columbia. The result is a highly textured body of work that pulls the viewer in to examine the details of the medium and how Tiernan has infused the medium with her love of the natural environment’s beauty.

Special Opening Reception: Friday, February 17 at 7pm


Annual exhibition in collaboration with Festival du Bois
Blame Eve!: The Migrations of the Female Soul, paintings by Zeid Founouni

Zeid Founouni is a Canadian artist, raised in Lebanon, whose work aims to translate the human condition and emotions into stark physical forms through both painting and sculpture, building on ideas from his formal education in philosophy.

Zeid's current body of work Blame Eve! explores the tradition of blaming women as a justification for oppression and inequality. A glance at ancient texts in many cultures, texts that are based on even older oral traditions, shows that many of our cultural practices are based on the idea that women are the source of many of the ills that define the human condition. Even though we are preparing to enter the third decade of the Twenty First Century, our society is still shaped by these archaic texts and beliefs that hail from strict patriarchal communities.

Zeid's large scale paintings, inspired by expressionism, attempt to highlight some key stops along the migrations of the female soul.

  • R. Baliello,
    Feb. 2012

    "It was thanks to Place Des Arts for accepting my work, that I found the confidence to [concentrate on my photography]! I could never thank you enough for this timely opportunity"

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