Upcoming Exhibitions

Sandrine Pelissier, Discovery Walk, Mixed Media

November 13 - December 16, 2016

Opening Reception: Sunday, November 13 at 2:00pm

Ethereal Landscape, Acrylics and Mixed Media by Sandrine Pelissier

At the core of Sandrine Pelissier’s work is an exploration of the balance between opposite concepts, like the symmetry of geometric patterns and the asymmetry of organic designs. The play between symmetry and asymmetry is perceptible in the superimposition of ornamental patterns on top of biological structures like tree trunks. This elaborate patterning in Pelissier’s paintings gives them a look reminiscent of fabric or paper collage, although all the designs are hand painted.

The patterning in Pelissier’s work is not only there for aesthetic reasons; it has a connection to biology as a symbol of how multiple generations contain slight mutations that have been created by the process of evolution. It also refers to the fact that any biological entity, even the most asymmetric and misshapen ones, become very geometric at the cellular or molecular level.

Boundaries, Various Media by Leora Gesser

Boundaries by Leora Gesser is as much about the changing environment as it is about the artist's perception of the landscape. By recording the living and breathing areas that surround us, Gesser pays homage to the landscape that has become so much a part of our fabric. Landscape includes decomposition, erosion and destruction. The patterns, mosaics and corridors of its boundaries are exposed to change in ways that reconfigure what we’ve known for years. Gesser’s work explores the harmonies and chaos, the beauty and confusion, and the realities and abstractions found in our natural world.

Positively Petite Annual Miniature Exhibition

Positively Petite is an annual exhibition unique to Place des Arts that showcases miniature artwork created by local artists. Every year, this show features small artworks in various 2D and 3D media by over 20 artists. This exhibition provides an excellent chance to purchase unique and affordable artwork for friends and family in time for the holiday season.

  • D. Paterson, May 2011

    "I felt the meaning of community in Place des Arts. People actually attended because of a column about me in the local newspaper."

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