Upcoming Exhibitions

Your Tongue is Like a Sharp Razor, Acrylic on Wood Panel by Ken Hughes

September 9 - October 1, 2016

Opening reception: Friday, September 9 at 7:00pm

Maple Maple, Charcoal Drawings by Helena Wadsley

Being surrounded by trees has been shown to reduce stress and to help children with ADHD. They clean our air and provide shade and food. Helena Wadsley’s beautiful charcoal drawings of Norwegian Maple trees, iconic in Canada, demonstrate that there are many ways to appreciate nature, and the more we appreciate it, the better we will care for it. This copse of trees, installed in 3-dimensions from the ceiling to emulate the feeling of walking through a forest, is a reminder of our stewardship of this planet we have been in the process of destroying.

In Other Words, Acrylics and Collage by Ken Hughes

In Other Words is a series of acrylic paintings and collages employing important sacred or secular texts as major elements. Translated into different languages and alphabets, phrases are conveyed through unfamiliar forms of words, giving rise to new connotations, expressions and ways of looking at things.

The content of the works focuses on recurring themes of conflict, genocide, destruction, belief, commemoration, harmony and resolution. The themes are often juxtaposed against each other, bringing new, often politically – or socially – oriented understandings and associations. This body of work attempts to revive interest in the craft of painted, non-digital methods of visualizing important writings, bringing about fresh consideration of the spellbinding properties of text as symbols.

Art Feats Annual Place des Arts Teacher and Staff Exhibition

Place des Arts is pleased to once again host the Annual Art Feats Teacher and Staff Exhibition, a showcase of artwork by the individuals who make Place des Arts tick! This exhibition includes work from teachers in mediums such as painting, drawing, fibre arts, pottery, cartooning, molding, printmaking, etc. and provides an excellent opportunity to inspire current and prospective students and celebrate Place des Arts’ vibrant and creative community.

  • D. Paterson, May 2011

    "I felt the meaning of community in Place des Arts. People actually attended because of a column about me in the local newspaper."

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