Upcoming Exhibitions

Not Sure How This Is Going, Peter Kohut, Oils on Canvas

October 7 - November 5, 2016

Opening Reception: Friday, October 7 at 7:00pm

Time With Past, Oil Paintings by Nino Dobrosavljevic

Nino Dobrosavljevic’s work centres around the idea of opening a window to the past by making contact with past painters and representing their work in front of the viewer. His inspiration, taken from Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Vermeer and the new era Picasso and Dali, drives his research and creative interests in three dimensional directions. His artwork, sometimes called illusionism or “trick the eye” expresses a desire to go back to classical realism but also to test surrealism and abstraction. What results is a unique style of painting that rewards the viewer when observing the paintings from multiple angles.

Inside/Outward, Paintings by Peter Kohut

Peter Kohut’s vivid paintings present weirdly distorted and morphing figures in confusing spaces. Patterned marks, raw colour and contrasts, shifting perspective, layers and history all come together in a style of painting that represents people and space but also references the flatness of surface.

Kohut’s fascination for human interactions manifests in his artwork. In particular, the anxiety an introverted person faces when meeting other people is in the forefront. This anxiety is woven into Kohut’s paintings through his brushwork. Scenes from everyday life act as an armature onto which his energetic strokes infuse these scenes with activity and evoke a sense of fleeting memories. In this way, oil paint on canvas acts as a type of artist's diary.

Capture Coquitlam Community Exhibition

In celebration of Coquitlam’s 125 Anniversary, Place des Arts presents a new community exhibition: Capture Coquitlam. This exhibition, held at Place des Arts, will showcase artwork by local artists capturing their unique experiences and exploring their creative vision of the city of Coquitlam.

Capture Coquitlam reflects Coquitlam’s beauty, from its city centres to its suburban areas and to its natural wonders. Through the efforts of artists inspired by the city, the artwork will celebrate both Coquitlam’s history and its contemporary life.

  • D. Paterson, May 2011

    "I felt the meaning of community in Place des Arts. People actually attended because of a column about me in the local newspaper."

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