Upcoming Exhibitions

"Gotcha" by Bob Leier

January 6 - February 4, 2017

Opening Reception: Friday, January 6 at 7pm

Collision, Photography by Frederick Popowich

Frederick Popowich’s Collision explores industrial decay and the relationship of man and machine through the depiction of spaces, materials and equipment associated with automotive collision repair. By using various sized handheld lights during long exposures, Popowich reveals subjects by enacting the process of their material form as their surfaces are brought into collision with multidirectional forms of light. As light collides with its subject, it becomes a process that takes place in time, making the creation of the negative performative in a way that is never the same twice.

Popowich’s light painting techniques are intended to have the effect of complicating the reading of the photograph. The objective is to create an arresting of attention, using light to reveal hidden form and exploiting the properties of the black and white print to strikingly render surface and textural detail.

Divine Lights: Collective Unconscious, Multimedia works by Hfour

Divine Lights is a series of contemporary video artworks by the design group Hfour, inspired by the ethereal beauty of stained glass windows and their association with divinity. To explore the reasons why luminous qualities are historically associated with divine power, Ben Z Cooper and Stuart James Ward have brought the illuminative qualities of stained glass into the 21st century using technology.

Simply, Divine Lights are lattices with matching video art, but, curiously, when a latticework partially occludes the video screen, the archetypal qualities of a television are removed, leaving the visual media embedded in the craftwork to exist for its own sake. The displays in the ‘windows’ can’t have their channel changed to show ‘the game’, they are not a multitude of expansive entertainment options. They exist to inspire awe, as the first stained glass artworks did.

Wood Spirits, Photomanipulation by Bob Leier

Bob Leier’s Wood Spirits is a photo-manipulation series that explores the symmetry in all things - that wondrous sense of harmony and balance providing beautiful proportion. The detailed photographs of trees taken by Bob Leier are mirrored with digital programs, often more than once, to find the curiosity in their designs and their patterns, until pareidolia kicks in, and the viewer cannot help but find the faces in the wood.

These images showcase how manipulation explores reality - enhancing it, expanding its boundaries, allowing us to experience it with new eyes. We find comfort in what we know, but deviating from the norm brings us to attention, compelling us to see reality with a different eye.

  • D. Paterson, May 2011

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