Bernadette Rollin – Adult Visual Arts

Bernadette RollinBernadette Rollin was born and raised in Switzerland where from early childhood she loved to draw, paint and do crafts. In 1977, she moved and immigrated to Vancouver..

In 1982 Bernadette began exploring decorative painting which she had fully enjoyed for ten years and by 1992 Bernadette then moved on to discover the beauty of watercolour painting.

Since 1999 the technique and mediums of her art have evolved to include pastels, oils, acrylics, ink stamping and layering of porous material, all of which have challenged her to further explore the inner-depths of her art and creativity. Through the inspiration of Bernadette’s love of gardening, outdoor activities and nature these themes are now being incorporated throughout her art work.

Over the years, Bernadette has continued to develop artistically exploring a variety of techniques, perfecting her skills through studies in drawing and painting courses. Bernadette’s current works incorporate painting larger, semi-abstract mixed media on canvas with varied surfaces complete with bolder and brighter colours.

Bernadette was a Founding Member of the Art Focus Art Group as well as being an Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. Over the years, Bernadette has participated in many selected solo and group exhibitions with Bernadette’s art work being purchased by a number of Government agencies as well as by collectors around the world.

Currently Bernadette also teaches painting to children and adults, in conjunction with being a yoga instructor.