Art Workshops

Looking for something creative to do, but can't commit to a full session class? Try a workshop! We offer a variety of fine-art workshops in multiple media for all ages throughout the year. In just a few hours, our skilled teachers will guide you in creating something special in a fun and relaxed environment.

Art Workshops for Preschoolers

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  • May: Family Time - Handmade Paper (6 years and under)

Art Workshops for Children & Youth

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  • June: Animated Cartoon Workshop (11-17 years)

  • June: My Cartoon Character (11-17 years)

Art Workshops for Adults

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  • May: Crackle Weave - Traditional and Modern (18+ years)

  • May: Pottery - Cone 6 Crystalline Porcelain (18+ years)

  • May: Printmaking - Monoprint or the Painterly Print (18+ years)

  • May: Introduction to Digital Photography (18+ years)

  • May: Basketry - Appalachian Egg Basket (18+ years)

  • June: Outdoor Acrylics (18+ years)

  • A student says . . .

    “Fun, relaxed environment, and [I was] able to walk away with a finished product.”

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